Headed out of town for the holidays? Good for you, hope your going some place warm. Maybe your off to hit the slopes. Whatever the case may be...

Losing your luggage can be a real downer. There's nothing worse than wearing someone else's clothes. I'll admit it, little bit weird about wearing other people's stuff.  Look, it never fits right and it usually has a strange smell.

Ways to avoid losing your luggage.  The last one is extreme, even a bit creepy, according to a post on BroBible.  It works but I'm not sure that I want a photo of myself on my bag.  But if people think your crazy, they'll probably leave you alone at the airport.

1.  Upgrade Your Luggage Tag

2.  Check in Early

3.  Place Your Itinerary Inside Your Bag

4.  Take Some Photos

5.  Use a Luggage Strap

6.  Avoid Short Layovers

7.  Mark your luggage in distinctive ways

8.  Remove any old baggage claim tags

9.  Complete lost-luggage reports at the airport and don't leave without a claim number and contact information

10.  Photo of your Face on your luggage