Lokesh Simon James hit Bliss Cabaret, a strip joint in Clearwater, back in March, spending three hours and $600. That’s a pretty steep bill and probably bought him a couple of lap dances and drinks, along with some tips. No big deal, right? Wrong. When he checked his credit card statement a few days later, he discovered a $50,000 charge from the strip club. 

According to Tampa Bay Online, James, 32, has lodged a lawsuit against the club and former Bliss bartender Doug Berube. He is asking that he be repaid the money he was overcharged, along with interest, attorney fees and court costs.

James does not deny creeping at the club solo and spending around $600 and because of that, the charges are not considered fraudulent.

This is surprisingly not a matter of a misplaced decimal point or a disgruntled girlfriend racking up charges on his credit card. James’ lawyer David Sockol even proclaimed, “There’s no way to spend that kind of money. How many dances would it take before you run up $50,000 at $20 a dance?”

Actually, that’s 2,500 lap dances, David. The real number crunching in your case should revolve around how it’s possible for a man to get over 2k lap dances in the space of three hours. It would break the ‘Dr. Feelgood’ CD.

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