Regardless of whether you think Zeppelin "stole" some of their signature riffs or lyrics, their contribution to Rock is undeniable.  Individually, the members were some of the best musicians the industry has ever seen, so as a group it only makes sense that they would be a powerful force.

The controversy about the authorship of Stairway to Heaven might not be where the lawsuits end.  There are many Zeppelin songs with some undeniable links to previous works by other artists.  The question is:  Is it theft, or just influence?

Even an artist as revolutionary as Hendrix had influences, but his style was his own. I think the same statement could be made about Jimmy Page, but as someone has pointed out in a youtube video, there are some cases where the tracks are more than just similar.

As I said, regardless of how things turn out, Led Zeppelin's sound and contributions to music are immortal.  Check out the videos and see how you feel about their originality.


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