Dylan Ayer, TSM


I'm sure you've noticed that the Crowne Plaza, the building that the station is located in is getting a makeover.  It will soon be a Double Tree and not the Crown Plaza.

This is the crew placing the sign on the top of the Crowne.  These guys are working on scaffolding placed on the 23rd floor.  Now, I've been working on the 23rd floor for about a year now.  And I have to tell you, it's rare that we even see birds out there and then there's these guys.... On scaffolding on the top floor of the Crowne.

No fear, when I asked them how they do it.  Typical guy, we just do it.  It's what we do!  There's nothing sexier than a man that works hard.  But these guys go above and beyond that.  They've gotta be packing something big to do what they do.  I bet they all drive Yugos, :)   No fear!