The list of September 2016 New Music Releases boasts a distinct focus on the live experience. There are a couple of new studio projects of note, but more often we find ourselves vicariously experiencing a lot of cool onstage exploits this time around.

The Beatles have announced a long-awaited expanded re-release of Live at the Hollywood Bowl, focusing on performances from the Los Angeles venue in 1964 and 1965. We're also getting more from Jimi Hendrix's initial concerts with Band of Gypsys. Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 includes music not earlier featured on Band of Gyspys, which focused on two shows from New Year's Day 1970.

An expanded reissue of Led Zeppelin's double-platinum BBC Sessions will feature eight previously unheard songs. Neil Young's long out-of-print 1973 concert recording Time Fades Away will finally be reissued, along with three mid-'70s studio efforts. Peter Gabriel, Styx, Pete Townshend, ZZ Top and Journey are also returning to the concert vaults in September.

The month's handful of new albums include Bob Weir, Meat Loaf and the Eagles' Timothy B. Schmit, all of whom have spent extended periods away from the studio. Elsewhere, both Kansas and Van Morrison offer fresh collaborative experiences – with a new frontman and lyricist, respectively. Bruce Springsteen is also issuing some unearthed material on his upcoming compilation.

More information on these and other classic-rock releases can be found below. And remember to look at our updated list of 2016 New Music Releases for details on music issued throughout the year.