If masks work, why aren't they working? That's a good question that Dan Bongino frequently asks on his nationally syndicated radio show. (h/t Dave in Kalispell)

Earlier this week I asked our listeners if any of the other Bozeman-area media outlets had reported on the story about an 8 year old boy allegedly kicked off of the school bus and left on the side of the road in Livingston, Montana.

As of Tuesday morning, I checked Bozeman and Livingston TV and print media outlets (KBZK, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Livingston Enterprise) and didn't see anything on their websites. I'm told on Wednesday morning that the Livingston paper may have finally done a story, even though it first broke last weekend.

One listener to our radio show told me he hadn't seen anything in the "Comical" (the Bozeman Daily Chronicle) about the little boy left on the side of the road due to these stupid mask policies, but he says they did have this story: Bozeman Schools’ COVID-19 weekly cases hits highest level since start of pandemic

Bozeman School District in the past week reported its highest weekly COVID-19 rates since the pandemic started, with case rates in the elementary schools higher than those in the middle and high schools.

Yes, this is the same Bozeman Schools that have been mandating masks...but hey- masks work, right? Parents in Bozeman have been so outraged at their liberal school board over mask mandates, and efforts to push critical race theory style "equity" proposals, that the Bozeman School Board started holding their meetings via Zoom because so many parents would show up in person to voice their opposition to what the board was doing.

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