I've seen a lot of tribute bands over the years, but nothing quite like this.  Meet, Mac Sabbath, the world's first (and only) tribute to both Black Sabbath and the McDonald's fast food chain.

Fronted by Ronald McDonald look-a-like Ronald Osbourne, the self proclaimed "drive thru metal band" celebrates their love of Black Sabbath, and the McDonald's menu, with songs such as: "Sweet Beef" (inspired by the Sabbath anthem "Sweet Leaf") and "Chicken for the Slaves" (inspired by "Children of the Grave").

Osbourne isn't the only member of the band in costume.  The guitarist wears a Mayor McCheese outfit on stage.  Grimmace is their bass player and the Hamburlgar plays drums.

Want a taste of "Mac Sabbath"?  Check out their new "Iron Man" parody, "Frying Pan" on YouTube.

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