MMA legend, Randy Couture, will be making an appearance at Saturday's Backflips and Beatdowns. If you're not familiar with this event, it's all the MMA action of Fusion Fight League with the addition of some motocross pros doing incredible jumps and flips right over the ring.

This Saturday's event has a special twist to it. They’ll also be raising money for Kipton Boeckel, the little boy who was badly burned in a house fire earlier this year. If you know anything about Randy Couture, you know he has a reputation of being a "good guy". So good in fact, he's earned the nickname "Captain America". Truly an amazing athlete with a tremendous amount of respect from fighters and fans around the world. Hopefully, Randy's appearance will help draw a huge crowd and ultimately raise more money to help Kipton's family with their medical costs.

Even though Randy isn't on the fight card, his appearance alone takes this event to a whole new level. Make plans to come out Saturday and know that you will not only be getting plenty of entertainment for your money, but also that you're helping a local family.

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