If you start out your week workin' for the weekend. If you're ready for happy hour at two in the afternoon. If you are the first person in your group to encourage tequila shots. If "party all night, sleep all day" is your mantra, then this could be the job for you. You just gotta' be your normal party-animal self, only sober.  Still interested?

A Swedish company called Gnista Spirits wants to bring you and a guest to downtown Stockholm's trendy neighborhood and put you up in a hotel. First, you'll be required to "make yourself at least 1 Gnista-Tonic for you and your friend at the hotel and before heading to the selected partner bar." Then you'll enjoy a nice dinner and head to the club.

Next, you will basically party your ass off like you normally would until 3 a.m. The next morning at 11 a.m. the company requires you to write a report, detailing your party experience while you enjoyed their alcohol-free beverage. The makers claim their proprietary non-booze "liquor" tastes like liquor but has zero alcoholic content. Interesting.

Gnista says the requirements are pretty simple:

Key qualifications

People who prefer to snuggle up with a good book shouldn’t bother: This position is for you who more or less live for the weekends. The successful candidate has never tried being sober when out clubbing (due to prejudice that it’s only lame people who opt for the non-alcoholic). Being single and ready to mingle, being outgoing and fluent in English and/or Swedish is considered a plus.

The contest is open to fun party animals anywhere in the world.

Job perks

Round trip and hotel stay at Stockholm’s coolest hotel Downtown Camper, for you and a friend (no matter where in this world you may live). Dinner for two and free drinks all night at the restaurant becomes dance floor TAK (incl. taxi to and from the hotel). Full fry-up breakfast the day after and a complimentary bottle of Gnista each to bring home.

Full details on the "job" and link to apply is HERE.

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