Missoula, Montana resident, Original YouTuber, and all-around charitable chap Hank Green has announced his cancer has gone into remission.

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The Announcement

Back in May, Hank announced his cancer diagnosis on his long-standing YouTube Channel, which he co-hosts with his brother John, VlogBrothers.

If you are unfamiliar with Hank Green, or John Green, you may be more familiar with their projects.

Beyond the VlogBrothers channel, which they created as a fun way to keep each other informed on their happenings, the duo runs the educational media company, Complexly, which is home to more YouTube channels such as Crash Course, SciShow, and more.

Plus, since 2008, their merch brand DFTBA has been helping online creators with a sustainable living by selling high-quality products and services.

And, we can't forget the most recent venture... Awesome Socks Club. You can find unique socks designed by independent artists, and they are delivered to your door monthly... with 100% of the profits benefiting charity. In their first year, they donated over $900,000 to strengthen healthcare systems in communities that needed it.

Hank's Cancer In Remission

After watching Hank and John for years, I know they would far prefer to focus the media spotlight on their projects which benefit others, but the news sent on TikTok was too great to ignore.

Just 3 months after his announcement, Hank announced he had his first post-treatment follow-up with his oncologist yesterday, and is in complete remission.


@hankgreen1Still working through some pain and fatigue and anxiety and a few other unpleasant symptoms, but this is very good.

♬ original sound - Hank Green

We're happy to hear you are doing well, Hank, and look forward to the future. Keep those amazing projects coming! Oh, and Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have a family member suffering from a cancer diagnosis? Have you heard of Hank & John Green? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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