I was having dinner on the patio at Cowboy's in Huntley Sunday when I snapped this picture.

First off, having dinner outside on the patio and taking in all the great fall scenery was very therapeutic. We all know that we're running out of days where we will be dining inside for the long, miserable, winter season.

I like Cowboy's selection of brisket, ribs. and pulled pork. That being said, their taco salad is good too. But make sure that you're hungry before you order it.  So, after a relaxing round of golf, I stopped in for a bite to eat and was headed out to the pickup when I ran across this guy.

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Sometimes the dogs that ride on the flatbeds are friendly. Sometimes not. This guy was all business. he just stood on top of that pickup and stared into the restaurant, because that is his job. A good old-fashioned Montana security system. You'll notice that none of the stolen pickups you see on Facebook were stolen with a ranch dog on them. This is not a coincidence.

These types of vehicles aren't involved in many road rage incidents due to the belief that the dog might not be the only item onboard to ensure security. These pickups also tend to still have their catalytic converters intact. Also not a coincidence. Who's a good boy?

For all of you who are driving around town with your dog on your lap, helping you steer, knock it off. That's not how we do it here in the 406. Go trade in that Subaru. Buy a three-quarter-ton pickup with a flatbed and be one of us.

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