A cute little lost dog was recently found in Washington state. The rescuer, a woman named Dee Mood, has been very diligently trying to reunite the animal with her owner/s. The dog has made its way all the way from Yellowstone National Park here in Wyoming.

Dee posted a pair of photos on October 2nd, 2020 to the official City of Sheldon Facebook page along with a message (that has since been updated), that reads:

Update: We have not had any luck so far with anyone coming forward to claim her. We will keep trying. For any adoption inquiries, please hold off on that and pray for a reunification for the time being. Will keep everyone updated. Thank you for all the shares and concerns so far! Keep sharing!
❗️This might be a long shot but please share!❗️ This dog has hitch hiked her way from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to WA. She is lost and scared. She is currently being fostered. Please share to who you can to find her home.

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Dee also shared a video that was shown on her local Sheldon, Washington news channel. The video (shown below), actually goes into much more detail on the lost dog's story.

Here's to hoping we help can reunite this pretty pooch back with her family.

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