In browsing the interwebs today, while firmly planted in the chair with a heating pad on my back (I may have injured myself this weekend) and a bottle of Tylenol, I came across this post on Reddit of a dashcam at night, around 9 PM. This footage shows a mysterious animal, and the Redditor is asking for our help in figuring this out!

Cow? Deer? Bear? ManBearPig?

Reddit User

Honestly, in the screenshot above, I could not determine what beast this may be. It kind of looks like a bear, but as the video progresses (and they get closer) a smidge of the animal is visible up close, and it looks somewhat like a bear to me. But, when watching the video back, and they are extremely close... the legs appear to look like moose. Just my thoughts.

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What do you think it is?

Reddit User

On Reddit, some users suggested a "Slow Elk" and a Cow. To me, neither seem accurate. What are your thoughts? Let us know! The video is below.

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