This was my scene this morning from work.  High atop the Double Tree on the 23rd floor.  It was a bad morning and yet this afternoon we have mostly sunny skies.  I am always amazed at how people can't drive in the bad weather.  Ashley, who works in our front office is from Florida, so naturally I asked her how her drive was, coming into work this morning.  She said "not a problem".  How is it that a person from Florida can drive in the crap we had to today, and yet, I saw native Montana goobers driving like this is the first time they have seen rain and snow mixed.  I did not have a problem as well but I'm not a Montana goober.  I really look forward to the guys or gals who drive big diesel pickups.  They slide on the ice up to the red light and then when the light turns green, they gun it.  We not only get the display of black smoke, spinning wheels to get to the next red light, but the chance to say inside our head, "Glad this SOB is not my neighbor".  Drive safe.

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