Being a dad of 5, and raising a couple of nephews, this is old hat to me but worth repeating.  The lovely girl in the picture is my youngest.  She is 14.  I have come to realize that teenagers don't have much to say.  As we were driving on Sunday, I tried to converse with her.

  • Me: How is School
  • Her: Fine
  • Me: Are you liking Math
  • Her: Yep
  • Me: Are you excited for Christmas
  • Her: Sure

Then comes the awkward silence......

  • Me: Are you ok
  • Her: Just not in a talking mood
  • Me: Okay

Oh, the life of a teenager.  Sleep all day, play all night.  Payback is coming in about 20 years, when I'll be so old, I too, will be napping all day.  And then there is the changing of my diapers.


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