I live by two of the biggest parks in Yellowstone county. Today was a great day to build a snowman.  I drove around with my wife most of the day and did not see one. In fact, I didn't see kids sledding either. It got me wondering what young kids do these days. I don't want to pull the "old grandpa" card on kids. I would rather pull the "old poop" dad on his kids. Kids, get off your cell phones, Twitter, Instagram and whatever else there is.  Did you know that there is a thing called a snow sled?  Did you know there is a thing called conversation with your kids?  I KNOW!  You actually turn off the electronics, eat a meal and talk about life.  Maybe go sledding or build a snowman. I'm not perfect but I finished up my day hanging out with my 15-year-old, taking pictures of the fake snowman in our front yard.  Having that fun and talking she gave me more ideas for some great pictures in the backyard with snow.  All it took was some conversation and time.

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