Update: Last week we told you how all of the Montana John Deere locations are serving as a drop off point for folks to donate N95 protective masks for our area hospitals. Adam Gilbertson, the Vice President for RDO Equipment tells us that they are now accepting any and all protective masks that you can donate.

Montana John Deere issued this "urgent call for ALL protective masks" on Thursday morning:

For the past week, your Montana John Deere stores across the state have served as a collection point for N95 Protective masks to support the medical community as the needs have grown and supply has been constrained globally. This was in response to the President’s request for construction companies to donate their masks in support of healthcare facilities.   With the rapid spread of COVID19, the shortage has become more acute as hospital staff protocols have changed to 100% mask use to ensure they are protected while they serve others.

Given the rapidly increasing need, the Montana Hospital Association has put out a call for ALL protective masks that are available in the community to be donated as soon as possible.


Here's a graphic showing their locations across Montana:

Credit Montana John Deere
Credit Montana John Deere


I know we have a lot of great contractors and folks in the construction business who tune into our radio stations. Please help spread the word about John Deere's efforts in Montana to help out our hospitals during this time of need.

I got a note from Adam Gilbertson with RDO Equipment. He says all of the 22 Montana John Deere stores in the state are teaming up- both the construction and the ag side of the house. They're asking any folks in the construction business who have extra N95 protective masks to drop them off at your nearest John Deere dealer. Dealers include RDO Equipment, C&B Operations, and Frontline Ag Solutions.

To see a full map of store location drop sites across the state, please visit the RDO Billings store’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RDOEquipmentBillingsMT/

According to a statement from the Montana John Deere dealers, they're responding to the Trump Administration’s request for construction companies to donate N95 protective masks in support of health care facilities.

Adam Gilbertson, Vice President of RDO Equipment Co.’s operations in Montana added:

This is one of those times where we need to ask what we can do to support the greater cause. Having a single, easy to access local drop point will help Montana contractors know where to go and will enable the medical community to continue to focus on their important work with the COVID19 virus response.




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