Montana beards are definitely on point. From what I have learned, a man's beard is like a fine wine, it just gets better and better. Here is a fact about those voluptuous face pieces, they are full of germs, BUT are they bad germs, and are the germs any different than the germs on a clean-shaven face?  Hopefully, you are taking care of your beard so you are not a walking germ tray.

Photo by Dorrell Tibbs on Unsplash

Don't get me wrong, I am not dissing beards. I like a well-groomed beard and with all the different beard oils and soaps on the market right now, there is really no reason it shouldn't be in its best form.

Some may have heard things such as "your beard carries more germs than a toilet seat" or "your beard has more germs than a dog". While it is true that your beard does carry germs, it isn't all that bad. There are many ways to keep those handsome beards clean. Check it out here.

Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

If you are sick of your lady, whether it's your significant other or your mother, saying "get rid of that thing" you can tell them your beard is no different than a clean-shaven face! Show them this article from Houston Methodist Leading Medicine, for some backup facts if you need it. Some may say "you touch your face more when you have a beard", this may be true, but with many constantly touching their masks, I would think the bearded and non-bearded are at the same level of germ spreading. I could be wrong.

So Montana men, keep those beards going. With No-Shave November kicking off, I would say as long as you wash your beard, you are in the clear from getting those "ewww beards are so dirty" comments. Grow on my friends!

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