There will be several days with a chance of precipitation in Yellowstone County over the next week, with some areas potentially seeing some snow.

According to the current National Weather Service forecast for Billings, there's at least a 20 percent chance of rain or snow every day this weekend, with temperatures gradually warming into the mid 60's by the start of next week.

On Friday afternoon (11/12) there's a 20 percent chance of rain with steady temperatures remaining in the mid-40's through Friday night, and a 20 percent chance of rain on Saturday with temperatures warming into the upper 50's.

Strong winds Friday night and Saturday will make driving conditions hazardous, according to the NWS, with gusts over 55 mph possible along Interstate 90 from Hardin to Livingston. Wind gusts will be the strongest in Billings on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

Saturday night (11/13), there's a 20 percent chance of overnight rain and snow, with a low in the mid 30's. Sunday will warm into the mid-50's with a 30 percent chance of precipitation.

Next week starts off with unseasonably mild temperatures, with Monday's high expected to hit the mid-60's before another chance of rain late on Monday night (11/15). Temperatures begin to drop on Monday night with a low of 39.

Tuesday (11/16) will start with rain for Billings, but as the temperature drops into the mid 20's on Tuesday night, there's a 20 percent chance of snow. Highs are expected to be in the lower 40's for the rest of next week, with lows dipping into the teens.

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Credit: National Weather Service
Credit: National Weather Service

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