The FDA closely monitors most food items to ensure we all don't get sick from contaminants (excluding meat and poultry, drinking water and alcohol - those are handled by other government agencies).

According to research compiled by, Montana ranks 4th in the nation for food recalls per capita. I had to wrap my head around this for a minute, because when we think of food recalls we usually think of lettuce and vegetables (oftentimes from California) or processed foods that are made in giant factories not in Montana. Running a quick internet search, I couldn't find any recent recalls on Montana made foods that have been recalled. Looking at and food recalls in 2019, I couldn't find a single product that was produced or made in Montana. Perhaps I'm not comprehending the data correctly on the study? Anyway...

Here are the Top 5 states for food recalls per 100,000 people:

  • Vermont 32.8
  • Delaware 26.5
  • New Hampshire 23.3
  • Montana 19.9
  • Wyoming 19.6

To learn more, see the entire study data HERE.


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