After seeing the success of the "Freedom Convoys" along the Montana-Canada border, a "Convoy to DC" is now in the works.

I caught up with Brian Brase shortly after his appearances on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends, and others. He says what the Canadian truckers and farmers have been doing to stand up to big government "is really a big inspiration."

Brian Brase: We believe it's a major violation of your human rights. These mandates are affecting school teachers, law enforcement, health care workers. So we just couldn't stand by and let this continue. And we believe now is the time. So this Convoy to DC will be kicking off very shortly.

When will the Convoy to DC take place?

Brian Brase: We did set a hard date of March 1st, but all that really means is that if it don't start between now and then- it will start then. But with how fluid the planning is, and the numbers coming in, and the people jumping on board from all- I mean, everywhere, both sides of the aisle, every race, culture, creed, religion, sexual orientation, I mean everybody is on board for this.

The convoy will start in California, and I've already been hearing from Montanans who plan on linking up with the truckers en route.

So far, the Freedom Convoys in Canada appear to be working, with at least two Canadian provinces looking to roll back some of their mandates. Meanwhile, the Canadians are inspiring freedom all over the world, as Brian Brase tells us.

Brian Brase: It's spreading like wildfire, not just across Canada and the United States but around the globe. I've been fielding phone calls from people, truck drivers, and people in Europe, in Australia, in Asia, India. I've been receiving phone calls from people all over the world or messages saying, We're doing this too. We're putting this together, we're joining you. So it's really becoming a global thing.

Full audio on the "Convoy to DC":

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