How often do you fly?  I fly at least twice a year if not more.  None of my family lives here so I fly home a couple of times a year.  If you've flown out of Billings, you know it can be a little spendy.  Don't get me wrong, thankful that we have an airport in Billings but I also love to save money too.

Bozeman not a far drive for us and the Bozeman airport now includes American Airlines flights.  The flights will have a summer run and a winter run according to the BillingsGazette.  Awesome!  More options for us.  Now for those of us that fly often we know.  It's more than just the price of the ticket being cheaper.  You have to factor in your drive time to Bozeman, parking, and gas.  If it can still save you money, why not?