In many parts of Montana starting Oct. 1, the speed limit will increase to 80 mph.

The number has been getting the press. But, the fines are what you should know about. Double. That's what the fines have done. They've doubled. They go from $20 to $40 for the first 10 mph over the limit, up to $200 for going more than 30 mph over the limit, which doubled from $100.

There are some things I don't know. Like if the doubling of fines will apply in the zones that remain at 75 mph. And under the old rules, tickets for less than 10 mph over the limit, didn't go on your record. So, I'm not sure if they will or not, now.

One guess in the 80 mph zones is that they will not be as lenient as to how much over the limit they'll let you go before pulling you over. My guess is not much.

In a related story, the Valentine One radar detector has served me very well.