One thing about living in Montana is the great outdoors. You don't have to travel far, and in some cases travel anywhere, to be in the heart of the wilderness. If you love being outside as much as I do then you know how lucky we are to live in the Treasure State.

One thing that I love is the water. Whether it is a creek, pond, lake or river, there are a lot of them here and they brighten my day when I am able to be around them.

As we get ready to go in to summer, I decided to do some looking on the Internet to start planning on some weekend trips and an all-out vacation this year. What I have seen and found is simply beautiful.

Here are my Top 5 Rivers in Montana:

From what I hear there is some really good fishing on this river. Might give me a shot at casting a fly rod or two.

This is nice because it comes right through Billings. In fact, I live really close to it so seeing it every morning and every evening makes my day great. The view from my office isn't too shabby either.

It may be the shortest river in Montana but from what I can tell the water is cool and the view is amazing.

This is the longest river in America running 2,341 miles. Some of the best of this river runs right through the Treasure State.

I am seeing that this is another good one for fly fishing so it will be a must-see for the family and me.