It's happened to all of us--you wait until the last minute, or your title work is in and you have to go to the courthouse to get your plates. A colonoscopy would be more fun. The problem has only gotten worse over the last year or so. I can't imagine the abuse that the poor people that work at the courthouse have to deal with on a daily basis. The good news is there could be great news on the horizon.

According to an article in the Billings Gazette, the county is working on opening another satellite branch at Metra and possibly Laurel as well. That would be well received by everyone. I am able to avoid the long lines most times by doing everything by mail, but sometimes a visit is mandatory.

It's too bad that there couldn't be some kind of automatic renewal that automatically charges your card and sends the sticker directly to you without any reminder or renewal response. Maybe alphabetizing the days for folks with the last names that fall on that day might help, or picking two days a week for new title work only or something.

I don't know what the answers are but one of the best solutions would be all permanent plates and permanent stickers. Pay the price once and you're done. If that was an option I think many would jump on that so they wouldn't ever have to go back. Not just used for vintage cars. Maybe having a special day for just recreational vehicles would work, or giving people the option of downloading all of the paperwork, sending it in, and then getting plates and everything by mail or e-mail. The answer is, there is no easy answer, but having more locations and maybe an extra day on Saturday would help.

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