Sin City, the rumors are true! Motley Crue announced that they will be performing a residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in February of 2012. For their sakes, we can only be grateful this didn’t happen 30 years ago, before they become more responsible adults.

“Can you imagine? They let us loose in our own building,” enthuses drummer Tommy Lee, with bassist Nikki Sixx declaring, “We cant wait, we think this is gonna be the ultimate Motley Crue experience.”

The band announced the residency, which will cover 12 dates between Feb. 3 and 19, in a brief segment at the end of CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight.’ Ironically, their completely responsible, polite and appropriate appearance followed 55 minutes of repetitive discussion about the latest possibly corrupt, philandering politician. Who’s the real threat to American’s children, again? We forget.

Tickets are available for Motley Crue’s Las Vegas residency right now at their official website. Which, by the way, they just announced is soon to be upgraded.

The band is promising “a never-been-done before and incredibly interactive Vegas experience,” and they talk about blurring the line between band and fans in the video below, but exact details are being kept secret for now.

It’s possible we’ll find out more tomorrow night, when the band sits down for an extended interview with Morgan, which he promises will be one of the more outrageous conversations of his entire career.

Watch Motley Crue’s Las Vegas Residency Announcement Video:

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