Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is re-releasing a limited number of copies of the ‘Death Wish II’ soundtrack tomorrow (Dec. 1). Beginning at 10AM ET, fans of his or the movie (let’s be honest, it’s going to be fans of his) can get one of 30 autographed copies or 1000 individually-numbered, non-autographed copies.

The vinyl package is only available through JimmyPage.com, and one must sign up to be a member of the site to access the sale, which will take place in the currently unavailable shop section of the site. A press release promises previously unreleased material, updated artwork and new sleeve notes.

“In 1981, (director) Michael Winner asked me if I would compose the soundtrack to Death Wish II,” Page explains. “The songs with vocals were only going to appear in the film for a matter of seconds but I had recorded full versions of them anyway — which is how I ended up doing my first soundtrack album.”

Page’s signature comes with a hefty surcharge. The package will cost roughly $305 (195 British Pounds) compared to just $47 for the standard package (shipping will cost an additional 10 to 15 Pounds). That’s a heavy price for the soundtrack to a movie that critic Roger Ebert pretty much buried by giving it zero stars out of four. Charles Bronson starred in this 1982 sequel to the 1974 movie. It’s worth mentioning that a slightly used original version of the soundtrack can be found online for as little as $15.99.

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