The Moto X Speed & Style competition is, by far, one of the most fun and exciting events the X Games have to offer.

Speed & Style combines racing with gravity-defying stunts. Two riders race head-to-head around a three-lap short-track/motocross hybrid. Each rider is judged on the tricks they execute off each of the freestyle ramps, but the one who crosses the finish line first gets bonus points for their margin of victory over the other rider.

Due to high winds, Saturday's race was shortened to two laps. The drivers pulled off some great tricks, but it was obvious that they toned them down slightly because of the winds. A harrowing moment came when Lance Coury crashed during his quarterfinal race with Kris Foster, resulting in a mild concussion.

Mike Mason earned his fourth Speed and Style gold (his 7th career X Games medal) after going head-to-head with silver winner Blake "Bilko" Williams. Jarryd McNeil edged out Foster for the bronze.

Check out the full final standings after our exclusive gallery, below.

X Games Austin 2014 Moto X Speed & Style Results
1. Mike Mason, 83.50 (USA)
2. Blake Williams, 80.56 (AUS)
3. Jarryd McNeil, 79.50 (AUS)
4. Kris Foster (CAN)
5. Mat Rebeaud (SUI)
6. Beau Bamburg (USA)
7. Ronnie Faisst  (USA)
8.  Lance Coury  (USA)

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