It's been said that the difference between driving a car and riding a motorcycle is like the difference between watching a movie and being in a a movie. One trip to one of our Bike Nights and you can see that Billings has no shortage of motorcycle enthusiasts. It's a thrilling, fun, and economical mode of travel.

The problem is, a lot of people never really learn how to stay safe; which mainly involves learning how to deal with cars who you seem to be invisible to. If you're thinking about getting a motorcycle and you're not an experienced rider, I highly recommend taking a safety course. Even if you put a lot of miles on your bike growing up, but haven't been on a serious ride in a couple of decades, taking a course is a smart idea. They're not just for people who have never ridden.

Here in Billings, you can take a weekend course for about $175 bucks and once successfully completed you won't have to take the riding portion of the test at the DMV. You will of course need the written test, but if you pay attention in class, that will be a breeze.

No matter how experienced of a rider you are, there are plenty of inexperienced, inattentive, impaired and distracted drivers on the road to endanger your life. Learning how to react and defend yourself in the most common scenarios is smart.