Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister has caused his share of chaos over the years, but the recent student-led riots in England were too much even for him. In fact, the British-born singer, who was in London last week for the Orange Amplification Classic Rock Roll of Honour ceremony, insists that he’s so disappointed in today’s youth and their love of rioting there that he has no plans to ever return to his homeland.

“I was a hellraiser, but … I’m sixty f—ing six at Christmas,” he tells Classic Rock magazine. ”How much more hellraising have I got left to do? I did most of it already — twice.”

“I won’t be coming back to England,” he continues, and goes on to explain himself: “I’m proud to be English, but the England I’m proud of has gone. The riots were a symptom of that. Kids just need an excuse and they’re gonna be out on the street, waving things about.”

Speaking of the Classic Rock Roll of Honour, for which Motorhead were Album of the Year nominees, Lemmy insisted that he hoped to “corner” 2011 Living Legend Award honoree Jeff Beck during the ceremony in an attempt work with the guitarist.

“I’ve been trying to get hold of him for three years,” Lemmy told BANG Showbiz. “I want him to work on my solo album. He gave me the idea for it and then vanished. He’s one of the three best guitarists in the country, he fully deserves to be recognised for it, too.”

So, Lemmy’s working on a solo album, which may feature a special appearance from Jeff Beck? Nice! Guess they won’t be recording any of it in England, though.

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