You may have heard the news reports lately that STDs are on the rise in Montana. Not just chlamydia either. Infection rates for nasty STD's like gonorrhea and syphilis continue to climb around Big Sky County. Not good.

I read an article in the Salt Lake Tribune that explained how their state's condom campaign is mired in controversy. Utah is pretty gosh darn conservative (trust me, I lived there for a while), and apparently some of the Beehive State's lawmakers don't appreciate the humor of their condom packaging. Which I think are HILARIOUS. Check these out:

Credit: Utah Department of Health

Utah spent over $300,000 of federal grant money on its campaign, and now they're probably not going to distribute the cleverly packaged rubbers. Which is a bummer. The article I read about Utah lead me to a very successful condom campaign our neighbors in Wyoming have implemented.

Credit: Converse County Public Health Office

I spoke with a representative from the Converse County health office and she told me the condoms have been extremely popular, with residents trying to collect the entire set of tongue-in-cheek packaged condoms.

I'm married, in a monogamous relationship so STDs are not an issue at my house. Nor are any more babies at this point. But if you're single and ready to mingle, remember... always "saddle up before you ride", "rut safely" and "protect your fly before you cast". #GetTestedMT.

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