Today is International Dog Day! Here is a picture of our three goofballs.  L - R is Jojo, the bulldog-shitzu (a bullshitz - ha!), Hershey, aka "Chubbs", and Lila the miniature schnauzer. They all have completely different dog personalities.

Jojo is not very bright. When she gets excited she runs in circles, always clockwise, occasionally banging into the wall or furniture. She's a real lover. And stubborn. Hershey, the chocolate brown dog, is pretty laid back and his main goals in life are food and naps. Lila is a smart little neurotic thing. When she's not barking at every random sound or knock on the door, she likes to be as close as possible to her humans. Usually on a lap.

Scientists say dogs diverted from wolf DNA around 40,000 to 20,000 years ago.  Archeologists found a dog that was buried 14,000 years ago next to a human. Since those early days, dogs have been used for companions, hunting, service animals and even warfare. The Germans cruelly tried to use dogs to carry bombs to enemy tanks.  This plan thankfully didn't work very well. Medical researchers are even studying the use of dogs to sniff out cancer.

Let's see some pics of your dogs! Use the Message Us button on the mobile app, or upload them on our Facebook page. Happy Dog Day!

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