After a year like this, we're bound to see some powerful ads over the holiday season and this is one of them.  It has nothing to do with clothes or jewelry, and everything to do with the human connection.

The spot is part of Kohl's new "Give With All Your Heart" campaign, and it was created by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz for the ad agency Yard NYC.

The commercial starts with a girl appearing in a window with a colorful homemade sign that says "Hi." An older woman who lives in the house across the way responds with her own sign that says "Nice to meet you."  And ninety seconds later we're all wishing we had neighbors like these two.  Maybe we do.

At one point, the older woman stops answering the girl's messages and disappears for a few weeks and we're left wondering what in the world happened until she eventually returns with a hospital band on her wrist.  We never find out what's wrong, but the girl is happy she's back for the holidays.  On Christmas morning as the girl starts celebrating with her family,  the woman holds up a sign that says "Did you get what you wished for?"  And the little girl nods.

Oh, how I love Christmas!  It's the commercials, the movies, the lights, the decorations, the enormous mugs of spiked egg nog, and all of the things that make me feel warm and fuzzy.  And wish too that I had better connections with my neighbors.

The song playing throughout the commercial is Willie Nelson's cover of  "Rainbow Connection" from "The Muppet Movie."

2020 has been a lot, and it might be an easy one to kick to the curb.  But it might also have a little bit of magic left if we look for it.

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