Music can be a great way to help mend a broken heart, and actor Nicolas Cage has found his song of choice in the Prince classic "Purple Rain." The actor has now turned up twice at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles, putting his own angry, semi-guttural touch on the song following his recent split from Erika Koike. The couple filed for an annulment four days after they wed.

According to TMZ, Cage headed to a karaoke bar in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles last Sunday (April 21), unleashing an emotional rendition of the song for customers at the establishment. Video can be seen here.

As it turns out, that was actually his second performance, with Cage being even a little more demonstrative during a Friday performance (April 19) singing to the crowd with a certain anger in his voice. Though the roughness of his vocal can be heard as he shout-sings in some parts, the video also shows a more melodic side toward the end. Watch the TMZ video below.

According to the TMZ report, Cage and Koike got hitched in a spur of the moment ceremony in Las Vegas, but their union was brief. However, despite the four days of wedlock, Koike is seeking spousal support.

What say you Loudwire readers? Did Cage's rendition of "Purple Rain" perfectly capture the heartache he's going through? What's your heartache song of choice? Discuss in the comments for this post.

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