Written by Guest Contributor, Kat Hammond 

SPOILERS: This post if for people who are caught up on the current season of Game of Thrones.

This Sunday we will not only see the biggest battle in the Game of Thrones (GOT) series, but it will be the longest battle in the history of TV and cinema. According to Inverse.com, currently, the longest continuous battle scene is the battle of Helm’s Deep in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers which was clocked in at about 40 minutes. Sunday night’s episode will be 82 minutes long and we can assume that most of the episode will be about the battle between the dead and the living.

Many fans are saying that we have all waited two years, since the conclusion of season 7, to see this episode. However, I would argue that we have been waiting since the very first episode of season 1 back in 2011.

Since the first moment we realized that the living and the dead were co-existing in the same world, there has been a build-up to this coming episode and its been years in the making!

The question I see being asked or speculated about most on the web is this: Where is the night king? We did not see him in the trailer for next week’s episode. I have a theory…so if you are not into fan theories or have not watched previous episodes for this season, DO NOT read further!

We know that in season 4 Bran had touched a weirwood tree and had a vision where he saw many things that have come to pass. The part of that vision that I am hung up on is when he sees the shadow of a dragon flying over King’s Landing. We also know that when Dany visited the house of the undying and walked through her own vision, at one point she stepped into the throne room in the Red Keep…and it was empty. The ceiling was blown apart and everything was covered in snow.

A theory that keeps swirling around in my brain is that the Night King is actually on his way to Kings Landing on the back of Viserion and is going to create a second army while Jon and Dany fight the current army of the dead in the North. This would also take care of the issue with Cersei currently sitting on the Iron Throne.

I keep asking myself, how are the writers going to pull off a battle with the dead AND a battle with Cersei, who now has Euron’s fleet and the mercenaries from the Golden Company in only four episodes? This would solve that. Will Cersei be the night queen that so many fans have speculated will come into play in this season? I don’t know.

The last little theory I will leave with you is what I think Dany meant in the trailer for this Sunday’s episode when she says to Jon, “The dead are already here.” In the episode from this past Sunday it seemed that all the characters continued to talk about how the safest place to be when the dead arrive in Winterfell will be the Crypts. What are actually in the crypts? Dead Bodies. What can the captains of the dead army do to dead bodies? Make them come to life. I will leave things there.

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