Ok. Why didn't anyone tell me there is a Toy Hall of Fame?? It's true. It's part of the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY.  The museum seems to do a lot of non-profit and charity type things in the region, but what caught my eye today is their list of 2019 nominees for the Toy Hall of Fame.

To qualify, toys must meet four requirements: 1) Icon status 2) longevity 3) discovery 4) innovations. Here are your 2019 Nominees:

  • Care Bears. My wife had a HUGE collection of these, that mostly got ruined when the shed leaked. I had been trying to get her to get rid of them, so that worked out well.
  • Coloring Books. Certainly a classic "toy". Coloring books have made a resurgence lately with coloring books for tweakers adults becoming popular.
  • Jenga. Always fun at Thanksgiving after a bottle of wine.
  • Magic The Gathering. I never got into this one. I skipped D&D too (my mom thought it was too cult-ish. Ha.).
  • Masters of The Universe Toys. He Man!!
  • Matchbox Cars. Yes. These absolutely belong in the Toy Hall of Fame. Wish I still had my collection from when I was a kid. Full of sand and broken wheels and all.
  • My Little Pony. My wife also has a HUGE collection of these. Unfortunately, they did not get ruined in the shed flood (see Care Bears, above).
  • Nerf Blaster. So. Much. Fun.
  • The Top. Nothing fancy here... this basic spinning toy has been mildly entertaining kids since, I don't know, like 2,000 years ago or so. Put it in the Hall of Fame already!
  • Risk. Classic board game.
  • Fisher Price Corn Popper. I wasn't sure what this toy was until I looked it up.  Oh yeah, it's THIS one:
  • Credit: Amazon
    Credit: Amazon/seller eSelection

    Man, I loved that thing when I was a little kid, pretending it was a lawnmower.

    I almost forgot one (and this one is kind of surprising)! The smartphone. At first, I wanted to argue it not being a toy, but let's face it... more games are played on phones now, than anywhere else.  If you'd like to vote on this year's Hall of Fame nominees, the link is HERE.


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