I got a bunch of phone calls from all across Montana complaining about the long wait times at the DMV. Some callers said they couldn't get an appointment scheduled for months, and the wait times were way too long.

It looks like a solution may have just arrived to Billings, Montana, and will soon be launching statewide. MVD Express just opened their doors on Monday morning in Billings. Not only can they renew your driver's license or issue you a REAL ID, they can also do your vehicle title work all in the same location.  And oh by the way- they'll also be open on Saturdays.

I just popped in there during the noon hour and got my driver's license renewed in no time, with no wait, at MVD Express Montana near Costco in Billings. The DMV may be closed for Columbus Day, but MVD Express is open till 6. Get your REAL ID and your title work all in the same location.

Here's the other interesting news about MVD Express: you don't have to live in Billings in order for them to process your REAL ID and your title work, they cover any county in the state. So, if you travel to Billings to go shopping or attend a tournament, you can get your license renewed even on a Saturday.

Credit Aaron Flint, Townsquare Media
Credit Aaron Flint, Townsquare Media

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