I know, look at the picture.  This picture is taken from the skybridge downtown at 1st Avenue North and North 27th.  Oh, it's a daily thing.  The pickup with the camper was sitting at a green light, when it turned yellow he decided he should move so now the light is red.  I would think he would have realized a train is slowing traffic, but NO, he had to make sure he was blocking two lanes because where ever he is going with a camper on January 24th in Montana is so important.  Maybe he was late to see his parole officer on South 27th and by pulling into both lanes it would get him there quicker.  Maybe he was headed to the campground early to get a good spot.  Maybe they had a deal on slim jim's at the gas station on South 27th and State Avenue, or maybe HE"S AN IDIOT!  Like I said, it's a daily thing.

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