Earlier today, while I was getting coffee, I had a conversation with a very kind man. He told me he had an awful experience while driving the other day and I felt absolutely sympathetic to him; I've experienced the same thing while driving on Billings' roads. Unfortunately for him, it happened two separate times on the same day. I asked him if he was okay with sharing this story, and he obliged. He has a message for both of those drivers.

The Incidents Were Very Simple, Yet Irritating

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The gentleman said that the first instance happened at the intersection of Main Street and 1st Avenue North, right before the stoplight. As he was driving in the far right lane, he wanted to change lanes to the left. He had a space, but in his side mirror, he noticed a vehicle that he thought was giving way to him. As he went to change lanes, however, the vehicle suddenly sped up and denied him the lane change, almost hitting him in the process.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The second instance happened at 24th Street and Central Avenue. As you may know, there is construction going on at that intersection to install a Southbound turn lane and improve the traffic lights there. So, one lane is completely blocked. Again, the gentleman was needing to change lanes to the left and was prevented yet again by someone who refused to let him merge.

Just Be Courteous to Others on the Road

After these two instances, the man had one message for the public; don't be rude to others on the roadway. You aren't going to get anywhere slower by being courteous and letting others merge if they need to. Speeding up to prevent others from merging accomplishes nothing, and can even cause accidents if people aren't paying attention.

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Will people heed this man's message? I certainly hope so, because I'm also tired of having lane changes thwarted by people who decide to speed up instead of letting me in. Be kind and be safe out there on our roads.

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