Today, I came across a post on Facebook showing a Snapchat of a pickup truck, and its hitch, blocking a sidewalk. Why is this an issue? Well, it isn't a big deal for most... but those who NEED the sidewalk for their mobility devices have problems.

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Credit: Canva / Billings Reckless Drivers
Credit: Canva / Billings Reckless Drivers

Wheelchairs, Crutches, Etc

The example shown here by an unknown Billings member is one I see far too often. A pickup has backed into the spot, all the way to the wheels, extending the bed far over the sidewalk. Now, the bed isn't too bad... as a wheelchair user could make it around it just fine. However, we have an issue adding the hitch into the mix. This person now has to find a new way around, all because someone was lazy and left their hitch mounted in the truck.

Lazy Larry

Considering an able-bodied person likely drives this vehicle, they may need a simple reminder to be better. So... be better! Not to mention, comments on the Facebook post also have reminded people that they themselves have had kneecaps taken out thanks to this same maneuver.

Multiple People

The thing about the photo... it shows not one, but TWO trucks doing the same thing. Being backed into the spot, hitch on, blocking the sidewalk. Shame, just... shame.

If you do this, please take this as a teaching lesson. Remember to not block a sidewalk with your vehicle, and take into consideration how you park. Plus, taking out the hitch is less than 10 seconds. You can do it, I believe in you.

Let us know your thoughts on App Chat or Facebook.

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