Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Barb Armstrong received an Honorable Mention award from the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) at their 31st Annual TOP COPS Awards in Washington, D.C. This award celebrates her bravery during one unusual and unique rescue.

Rewinding The Clock

Back in 2023, on August 2nd, Trooper Armstrong responded to a bizarre emergency: three women had been attacked by otters while minding their business, floating down the Madison River.

Trooper Armstrong was familiar with the area, and coordinated with a local landowner & Jefferson Valley EMT, carrying two large medical bags down the railroad tracks, to where the landowner thought the injured women might be.

At first, Trooper Armstrong and the landowner encountered two women, who then informed them that the third, who was severely injured, was stranded on the other side of the river.

As darkness set in, Armstrong and the landowner crossed the river. Armstrong, in full MHP gear, swam 75 yards carrying a medical bag to reach the third woman, who had severe facial injuries and deep lacerations from the otter attack.

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Her quick action was crucial as later on, the life flight crew said they would not have located the victim without Trooper Armstrong's help.

“Trooper Armstrong’s actions that day exemplify what it means to be a Montana Highway Patrol trooper,” said Attorney General Knudsen. “Her bravery and quick-thinking prevented a bad situation from becoming even worse.”

Armstrong’s heroism has earned her the Medal of Valor, the Patrol’s highest award, and three Hedstrom Awards for going above and beyond in saving lives. Since joining the Patrol in 2015, she is currently stationed in Butte with the MHP’s Criminal Interdiction Team.

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