Nothing goes better with a burger than some amazing, crispy French Fries... if you ask me. And of course, you can always grab any old fries with your meal... but where can you get the BEST fries in town?

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Here are our Top 5 BEST Picks for French Fries in Billings!

#5: Mooyah Burgers

Yes, Mooyah Burgers MIGHT be a big chain... but they beat out Five Guys for burgers AND fries in my book. Hand-cut or Sweet Potato fries are your options to pair with delicious burgers.

#4: Pita Mill

The Pita Mill, in Shiloh Crossing, offers a mountain of shoestring fries covered in parmesan and they are delicious with a freshly made pita! Plus, trust me, get EXTRA chipotle ranch to dip them in... and pour on your pita.

#3: Montana Brewing Company

Honestly, everything I've ever had at MBC has been fantastic... and keeps me coming back for more. Not to mention, being within walking distance of the Townsquare Tower is a big plus... If you haven't yet, try the Brew Chips. Bacon, two cheeses, sour cream, and green onions!

#2: Stacked, A Montana Grill

Stacked, A Montana Grill is the classiest joint on this list, if you ask me, with an atmosphere to teleport you to a gourmet up-scale dinner joint... that knows how to make a burger. Truffle Fries are 100% the way to go.

#1: The Burger Dive 

If you are a garlic addict like me... you'll likely agree that The Burger Dive takes the cake for best French Fries in Billings. Choose from Garlic, Cajun, and Chili Cheese Fries to pair with award-winning burgers. Truly the KING of Burgers and Fries in Billings.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with my choices? Did I miss one that you think is the BEST? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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