Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne, will marry his fiancee Lisa Stelly this weekend in Hawaii. The news was reported in the New York Post's Page Six column last night (Oct. 4).

“They just sent the invites out and are asking guests to sign non-disclosure agreements," an unnamed source told the Post, in apparent disregard for the aforementioned non-disclosure agreement.

The wedding comes nearly a year to the day after the couple announced to the world that they were expecting a child together. Their daughter, Pearl, was born this past April. Pearl is the first grandchild to emerge from Ozzy's marriage to Sharon Osbourne, who is also his manager. However, he has four grandchildren from his first marriage.

A few months after Pearl's birth, Jack, 26, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Osbourne has credited the planning of the wedding with helping his state of mind throughout this period. "It’s something great to focus on," he said. "Even when I was at the hospital, we were discussing the plans. It’s going to be great.”