Pete Townshend worked with credentialed classical-music figures on his new symphonic reinterpretation of Quadrophenia. But that doesn't mean the project has been wholly accepted in those circles.

Classic Quadrophenia – which features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London Oriana Choir conducted by Robert Ziegler and tenor Alfie Boe – has been excluded from the classical music chart in Townshend's native U.K.

The Who guitarist and songwriter has opened fire on the decision in a new Facebook post. "Classic Quadrophenia is not allowed in the U.K. classical charts?" he writes. "Musical snobbery in the classical elite still alive and kicking then. F--- ’em."

Classic Quadrophenia, which was orchestrated by Rachel Fuller, is out today in the U.S. A performance by Townshend and Boe, the English tenor singer who shared a Tony Award for the 2003 revival of La Boheme, will follow on July 5 at the Royal Albert Hall.

"There's a huge team behind this, rooted in the practical world of recorded classical music, who deserve better than this petty slap-down," Townshend added in his Facebook post. "I know I'm a rock dinosaur and I'm happy to be one, but the team behind Classic Quadrophenia are all young, creative and brilliant."

This new project is the latest in a series of recent Townshend-led revivals of Quadrophenia, including an expanded 2011 reissue of the original 1973 album followed by a massive tour with Roger Daltrey and the Who's regular touring band in 2012-13. They also released Quadrophenia Live in London last year.

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