Around 12:53 this morning, an individual here in Billings entered a business nearby the 2500 block of 1st Ave North. That block contains the Best Western Clock Tower Inn, Stellas, Pub Station, Edams, and others.

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The suspect stole the phone of the victim, and threatened to harm them, before BPD arrived. On Arrival, BPD arrested and transported them to Yellowstone County Detention Facility for Robbery.

However, with our jail being as full as it is, YCDF refused to accept this criminal and potential threat to society, and instead issued an "NTA". What is that? A notice to appear. Basically a "Go home and be good until your court date"

Locals are chiming in on Twitter about this issue, mainly as to why the YCDF has refused someone to the jail.

This article will update as details are released.

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