If you've read any national news lately, you've probably read about a lot of companies mandating vaccines for employees.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandates have resulted in many Americans deciding to quit their jobs instead of getting the vaccine. We've heard about police officers, factory workers, and others quitting.

I have a friend who is a Chief in the Navy. He's currently stationed in Japan. I had a conversation with him not long ago. He told me that members of the Military are required to be fully vaccinated by November 30 or risk getting discharged. He said that some members of the Military are still refusing to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and are willing to face being discharged without pension.

My nephew works for 3M in Missouri. All employees working for the company are required to get vaccinated due to a federal mandate. He's debating quitting his job.

I understand that many people are still hesitant about the safety and effectiveness of the available COVID-19 vaccines. According to data provided by the Montana Department of Health and Montana State Library, 55% of Montanans are fully vaccinated. In Montana, it is illegal for private employers to require vaccines as a condition for employment.

The Montana law was passed earlier this year, so you don't necessarily have to worry about vaccines requirements in Montana.

Hypothetically speaking, if the company that you work for mandated vaccines, what would you do? Would you get vaccinated or quit and find another job?

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