Since I haven't done much hunting in my life, I've never been into taxidermy. Even though I have no heads on my wall, I can certainly appreciate good work for those who have earned a decent trophy. However, every now and then I see someone with some pretty hideous taxidermy on display. I get it when it's a joke, but sometimes it looks like people have either tried the "DIY taxidermy" route, or paid someone 20 bucks to stick some marbles in the eyes and glue it to a piece of wood.  If you're going to have it done, don't skimp.  There are some amazing taxidermists in our area and if you're going to preserve something the right way, you should spend the cash.

If you've got a great looking trophy, feel free to share. Better yet, if you've got something in your house that you swear you'll burn the day after your husband dies, I'd love to see that even more.

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