I had a bit of a laundry issue over the weekend and my daughter says it's all my fault, even though she is the one who put her clearly labeled "Dry Clean Only" sweater into the dirty clothes. When I asked her why she would put the sweater in there if she didn't want it washed she replied, "You're the adult. You read the labels." A powerful statement for sure, so I decided to take the moment to teach her a couple of life lessons:

1) "Dry Clean Only" means wear it until it stinks, then hand it down to your cousin...we're not "Dry Clean" people.

2) Complaining about the laundry is a great way to inherit the chore of doing your own laundry.

I promised that I would put this out there to see if people took her side and bought her "you're the adult" argument. Sadly, I think most people probably will, but there is one more detail to consider that I didn't point out to her: Since I'm the adult, that sweater, all 18 square inches of it, belongs to me. She owns nothing.

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