Extra Parenting Work Required for Spirit Week
Homecoming is a blast. But a whole week of spirit gets to be a little bit much for parents sometimes. Especially when the kids wait till the last minute to let me know they need something for Wacky Hat Day, Tie Dye Tuesday, Decade Day or Twins Day.
Community Garden Update – A Few Spots Remain
I have to say, this is one of the best things I've done in years as far as parenting goes. My daughter is actually excited about working in the garden. Amazed by the miracle of getting food from the earth (it is amazing after all). I'm overjoyed to see her so excited about something that doesn't involve a screen. Even though we're just getting started, she's already proud and wants to show it off.
Whose Fault Was This Laundry Snafu?
First, "Dry Clean Only" means wear it until it stinks, then hand it down to your cousin...we're not "Dry Clean" people. Second, complaining about the laundry is a great way to inherit the chore of doing your own laundry.
Are You Making Your Kids Relive Your Childhood?
Parents teaching their young children to like the things they like is nothing new, but the internet makes it a lot easier these days. Personally, I've had my kid watching the same cartoons that I grew up on, thanks to youtube. She's checked out He-Man, The Smurfs, Peewee's Playhouse and more...
Explaining To A Child Why Blackface Is Wrong
My daughter (who is almost seven) had an idea for a Halloween costume which involved painting her face black. I'm not the most politically correct person in the world, but I know that ain't happenin'. So, like any responsible parent, I deflected without really explaining why, but the situation still saddens me...