Now that we know Queen will embark on a full-fledged North American tour with Adam Lambert this summer, the obvious question is whether guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor will head into the studio to record some new material with their latest frontman.

The duo addressed that possibility -- sort of -- during a recent interview, during which they admitted that their latest round of vault-purging wouldn't yield enough tracks for a new full-length album of recordings featuring deceased founding Queen singer Freddie Mercury. With only an EP's worth of new material on the shelf, May and Taylor were asked if they'd consider putting together a hybrid record featuring new Lambert performances alongside the previously unreleased Mercury songs.

"Well, you know, anything is possible," May shrugged, while Taylor asserted that "It’s logical; it’s a very logical thing to do, so why not?" before admitting, "I don’t know." May's final thoughts on the matter: "You never know. You never know."

It isn't difficult to see why it'd be a tantalizing idea for Mercury's surviving bandmates, but the prospect of putting new Lambert-sung material up against Mercury's old demos also seems like an incredibly risky proposition for everyone involved. Better to release the Mercury cuts on their own (or, more likely, as part of a reissue or best-of package) and then record a separate release with Lambert, so the new performances can stand purely on their own merits.

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